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Sub Sale Order Sheet

Sub Sale Order Sheet (Blank)


Sub Sale Pricing

All subs are made with lettuce & tomatoes, and WITH or WITHOUT onions

American -  Sliced American cheese, cooked salami, minced bologna
$1.90$2.20 $2.25$2.55
Ham - sliced American cheese, chipped cooked ham$2.20$2.50$2.90$3.20
Turkey - sliced American cheese, chipped turkey$2.25$2.55$2.95$3.25
Vegetable - sliced American cheese, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, green peppers$2.00$2.30$2.60$2.90
Italian - sliced provolone, cappicola, cooked salami, hard salami$2.20$2.50$2.90$3.20
Roast Beef - sliced American cheese, chipped roast beef$2.25$2.55$2.95$3.25

Kaiser Roll Sandwiches Pricing

All Kaiser Sandwiches are made with sliced American cheese

Ham - chipped cooked ham$2.25$1.90
Turkey - chipped turkey$2.25$1.90
Roast Beef - chipped roast beef$2.25$1.90

Pretzel Sandwiches Pricing

Ham, Turkey or Roast Beef Pretzel sandwiches are made with your choice of sliced cheese: American, Provolone, or Swiss

Ham - chipped cooked ham$2.50
Turkey - chipped turkey$2.50
Roast Beef - chipped roast beef$2.50
Italian - 2 layers of provolone, cappicola, hard salami & sandwich pepperoni$2.50

*FIXING –includes all items (ingredients, bags, twisties, directions) that YOU can prepare, to increase your profit!

These prices are your cost; you decide the suggested retail price & your profit!
Pick up your order at Darrenkamps or have it delivered for $20.00
Orders must be a minimum of 50 items, please.

(7) seven days – notice for ALL orders

Mayonnaise packets - .12/each or case of 200 for $19.50. Mustard packets - .05/each or case of 500 for $11.99
Hot Pepper packets (DRY) - .08/each or case of 500 for $19.99. Cups with lids - .05/each.
Disposable Latex gloves – (size: sm., med., lg., XL) $5.00/ box @ 100 gloves by weight

Prices are effective as of 9/02/2014